L'Òptica del Torrent | Child’s vision
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Child’s vision

Our children’s Pediatrician is the First step to give in visual care.


Visiting the Pediatrician should be the First step given by the parents to be sure that their children’s vision and their visual health are free of problems.

We should always remember that the sense of Sight supplies 80% of the information we get from our environment.


If the Pediatrician detects some anomaly, well it is a refractive fault – myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism – that can be solved using spectacles or some pathology, will suggest to the parents to consult an Ophthalmologist – Eye Doctor -.


The ophthalmologist will study the case of the child: will measure his visual keenness, will verify the existence or not of pathologies and, if needed, will issue a Rx prescription.

The Rx prescription can either be a medicine – for example, a certain kind of eye drops in case of an infection – or spectacles in case of detecting a refractive fault.

Our services for your children.


Our practice goes more than 35 years offering its services with a guaranteed full satisfaction and personal care to its clients.


We have a specialized department devoted to children’s visual care with the following characteristics:


  • Maximum quality optical lenses to accomplish the requirements of the Rx prescription.
  • We reassure the child’s self-esteem by explaining – taking all the needed time – how to properly use the eyeglasses and contact lenses.
  • We help your child to choose – in agreement with you – the adequate frame for itself. We make available a very important children frame’s collection for all the growing stages – possibly the most extended one in Barcelona – at a fully adjusted price level.