L'Òptica del Torrent | SPORT GLASSES
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This is an open-air sport under very different luminous conditions and a very important incidence of Green color of the grass on the sight. In this case, it will be interest to have eyeglasses with the following characteristics:  that they cushion the luminosity of the Sun at noon and, at the same time; they allow us to have a good luminosity during the first hours of the morning and the last ones of the afternoon; eyeglasses capable to filter 100% of the UV radiation and, specifically for this sport, to increase the contrast of the ball on a green background.

Having a good vision and an optimal contrast our handicap can be improved.


It depends of the modality chosen: precision shooting, clay pigeon shooting or hunting; we have different possibilities, from unbreakable lenses – life guaranteed against breakages and cracking – to auto-adapting to light intensity lenses with Yellow filter to be used in spaces of poor luminosity or fog.


Mountain Climbers or Climbers

Lenses with category 4 UV filter for a maximum eye protection against the ultraviolet radiation.



I advise the use of diving masks with Rx lenses that will enable to notice distances at the heart of the sea in the most possible realistic way.


Eyeglasses with unbreakable lenses that can be easily changed for others by the own cyclist depending with the Sun light intensity.



Polarized lenses to cut reflections and with the property of darkening and get clear in function of light’s intensity. An anti-water (hydrophobic) coating will not allow that the drops of water remain stacked on the lenses.


Paddle or Squash

These are the sports with a bigger rate of serious ocular injuries. In this case, I consider obligatory to protect the eyes the use of unbreakable Rx or Plano lenses to practice these sports.


Nowadays we have specific and ultimate technology Rx eyeglasses to practice this sport.


Is it worth having a pair of specific Rx eyeglasses for swimming?

From one diopter of myopia or hyperopia the benefits are clear for the user. It can be kept the usual quality of vision inside the water and also in the way to the locker room.

How should quality eyeglasses for swimming be?

In addition to guarantee a sharp vision inside and outside the water, it should prevent water coming inside the equipment to avoid bacteriological infections.

It should be avoided the eyeglasses touching the eyeball leaving a sufficient distance between the eye and the lens to assure a good oxygenation of it.

The frame should be comfortable and also firmly placed to avoid its movement during its use. In case of practicing open- air swimming, the lenses should filter the UV radiation. Finally, as recommended for all sport practicing lenses the impact resistance is fully needed.


For the cycling section what specified before for this sport is valid: Eyeglasses with unbreakable lenses that can be easily changed for others by the own cyclist depending with the Sun light intensity.

This solution also applies to the running section and for swimming, the ideal is specific eyeglasses with fog-free coating.


Contact lenses for practicing sport

Contact lenses will provide only the reestablishment of the good vision but should be complemented with Sunglasses as the previously described to get an optimal protection in open-air.